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How to make your blog popular

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To make your blog popular you must do tips and tricks bellow :

1. Make a specific blog title

My blog title is “Life is too short to drink bad coffee”. If you type the phrase in Google, you will found my blog in the first page.

2. Make simple blog’s name
It aims to be easy remembers by visitors. I gift my blog’s name

3. Blog Walking (Visit others blog, leave comments and don't forget to write blog address)
Usually blog’s admin you visited opens links in every comment. I always leave comment in every blog I had visited.

4. Register your blogs to Searching Engine
You may click buttons on the footer of my blog to register your blog to searching engine.

5. Post a good articles
It depends of our writing skill, our experiences and our willing. The more you write, the more perfect your articles. Practice makes perfect.

6. Register your blog to blog directory
Some visitor comes from here.

7. Keep posting.
Write at least one post per 2 days. It aims to make visitor always find new update of your blog.

8. Exchange link
It will increase your alexa and your google page rank too.

9. Promote your blog
You may online promotion and offline promotion. We may use Online Social Network (Chatting, Friendster and others).

10. Free advertisement
Register your blog in a free ads facilities. There are so many website that has free ads column.

Those are some tips to make blog popular. May this tips be useful for you. In fact I was embarrassed to make these tips because my blog also was not popular yet :(.

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Anonymous said...

whoah. bener banget nih tutorial.. :) udah pernah nyoba.. yang akurat pas di modul SEO nya wordpress.. search engine optimization.. ajip.. ;)

sultan89 said...

semoga selalu sukses ya. from :

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