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The Indonesian inhabitants annual tradition

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Today I will go home. This has become the Indonesian inhabitants annual tradition every Idul Fitri Day. Earlier my brother went to bus station Lembang, evidently the ticket has been sold completely. I was confused, go home by bus or by train? The bus ticket has been sold completely. Train? It must be chock full. I will try to go to Senen Station. It is hoped could the ticket, the seat and the comfortable train. And that was main, may all of us be safe. Please, pray for me...!

The Idul Fitri day was the sacred day. So, our heart also must sacred. To clean our heart, we must forgive each others. I hope our sin vanished. Minal Aidzin wal Faizin. Please forgive any bad thoughts and actions. Best wishes for Lebaran. May this lebaran bring the blessing for all of us. Amen.

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Iwan Rachmanto said...

dropping by ..friend..

dHarto..!! said...

so do i,,forgive too..
well, actually i dind't go hometown this year..
I'm gonna miss ied al-fitr there..

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