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life is too short to drink bad coffee
Dreams are the images, thoughts and feelings experienced while asleep, particularly strongly associated with rapid eye movement sleep. The contents and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. But some people believe that dream is a sign that show us something in the future.

Usually dream means of opposite of actual happen. For example, if we dream someone died, it means that he will life in a along time.

I have a friend, I met her when I was Senior High School. Her name is Siti Fatimah. She is pretty, smart and funny girl. 5 days ago, she dreamed. In her dream, she saw many people in one place. I stood between thousands man in far away of her, but she able saw me clearly. I was using white clothes.

You know, she dreamed it for three days. What it's mean?


Kick 'Me' Andy

Every Thursday, 22.05 GMT+7 and Sunday, 15.05 GMT+7 (Jakarta Time), there is a very good talk show program in Metro TV. It's 'kick andy'. Watching this program sometimes make me dropping my tears. It gives many inspiration for many people. You only can access from

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