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Bloggers share their skills

Many blogs content tutorial about blogging, programming, business, language, science and many others. They are(the bloggers that wrote tutorials) have been helping other blogger. They spent their time, their mind, their money to share knowledge and make everything be easy and cheap (read: free). They are heroic. Congratulations struggled. May they receive the appropriate repayment.

Several of them are Kang Rohman, Ade Sanusi and many others that cannot be named by me one by one.

It is good to be useful to the other person. So, as well-off as me, I make blog that contains about java programming. Sorry, if it's contents is not substantial. It's "".

I am not expert in java, I am e newbie, newbie. So please note if many mistakes in my posts. If you mind, please visit to my blog. Click here. Whoever gives, would get.

Note: until now, I have no time to look after Java Tutorial, sometimes, one day I will make it a great java tutorial blog. Pray me.

Jl. Maharta IV, Block A-19 No. 13, Pondok Maharta, Ciledug, Tangerang, Banten 15154. Telp. 021-926 48 700, 021-986 70 881

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masmoemet said...

salam kenal mas ... hehehe ... bingung mo komen apaan ... aku ga jago bahasa inggris ... numpang corat - coret aja deh ... mksh yaa

pingin ngeblog said...

I hope u have a little times to make up that blog.

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