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Let's smile =)

"If you want to success you must smile with everyone"
The statement above may be right. But, many people can not do it. They said it's difficult to smile. I will give tips and tricks how to smile easily.
  1. If you met someone, try to remember something funny likes funny stories, funny videos, funny experiences and others.
  2. If you can not do the first tips, look over people in front you and find out funny things. You may find it from his hair, head, nose, mouth, tooth, clothes or others.
  3. If you can not do the second tips, read story below.
There is a weird horse. It will run if the jockey says "bismillah" and will stop if the jockey says "alhamdulillah". One day, Abu rode that horse. He prayed "bismillah". He stamped his leg to horse's maw hoped it would run. But, the horse did not move. He remembered, "I must say alhamdulillah". Then the horse walked slowly. More often he said, the horse run faster and faster. When the horse run very fast, immediately there is a precipice about 10 meters from him. "How to stop it???", Abu confused. "Oh, ya. bismiillaaaaah.....!!". Then the horse stopped. To celebrating his bless he said, "Alhamdullaaah...". Guest what happened after this?

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Anonymous said...

just simple tips to smile to everyone..
open your mind, figure that everyday you are happy. then, when you meet someone you'll feel happy too, so spontaneously you'' smile..

so, enjoy your day, make it simple and be happy every day.

Anonymous said...

smile is a very good gun

dede said...

smile to every one is like orang gemblung heheeeee

dede said...

but if smile with a cup of coffee,,,,hmmmm that becoming or not,...not not heheee said...

The horse run again... la yao...

紅燒魚takesi said...


Blogger said...

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