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Insomnia is the most common sleep complaint in the U.S. It affects from 10% to 35% of people at least some of the time. The true rate depends upon how you define this disorder. Insomnia keeps people from sleeping well and feeling refreshed. This happens in the four different ways that follow:

1. Difficulty falling asleep
2. Difficulty staying asleep
3. Waking up too early
4. Poor quality of sleep

People with insomnia often feel tired and grumpy. They can have a hard time remembering things. It is also hard for them to focus on what they are doing. A lack of sleep can also affect how they function at work and while driving. Overall, it makes people frustrated when it comes to their sleep. Insomnia can be the only source of these problems. It can also be the result of another sleep disorder or medical problem.

Insomnia may be caused by some types of medications. Even medicines that you find on drugstore shelves can disrupt sleep. Insomnia can be made worse by the use of caffeine or alcohol. It can even be a result of well-intentioned behaviors such as napping. It can also be related to depression, worry and stress. Before treating insomnia, a doctor must first do a medical exam. He or she may also need to perform some tests.

Doctors often treat insomnia in the three ways that follow:

1. Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene consists of basic habits and tips that help you develop a pattern of healthy sleep. Examples include getting up at the same time every day and avoiding caffeine after lunch.

2. Cognitive behavioral therapy

This involves relaxation exercises and other methods that help improve your sleep. Some people listen to relaxing tapes. Others learn breathing exercises from a psychologist. Other methods teach you to do things such as limiting the time you spend in bed.

3. Sleeping pills and sleeping aids

Doctors sometimes prescribe sleeping pills to treat insomnia. These are called hypnotics. At times insomnia is related to depression and anxiety. In these cases, medications may be prescribed by doctors to help insomnia.

Some people with insomnia try to treat themselves with nonprescription sleep aids that they find on drugstore shelves. Others may try vitamins or herbs. Some people even use alcohol to help them fall asleep. Doing this actually makes their sleep worse. The alcohol causes them to wake up during the night.

There are many ways to treat insomnia that are common and effective. You should talk to your primary care doctor to discuss these options. You may also want to visit a sleep center to get more expert advice. You should see a sleep specialist if your insomnia causes you to nod off during the day. There are a number of products sold for the treatment of insomnia. They can be bought off the shelf at a drug store without a prescription. Some of the items do have ingredients that can help improve insomnia.

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