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The flood was continuing

..... There is so many water in front of my house. It's about 1 cm to get the floor. I was very confused. What should I do? I was looking for useless sarong and clothes. I put them on the floor near the door. I hoped it could endure the water. But water is water, it has one characteristic. It can run over the small fissure, it called capillarity. And slowly it come to my room. It was so cold, it was so dirty and it was so wet.

I moved all of my book, my PC and other things to higher place. Jakarta is bad city, there is no water in dry season but in rainy season flood always come. Hope goverment take care about this. And we? Let's be green. Apply 1 man 10 three movement.

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Anonymous said...

bang seno kunjugin blog saya dong di, mau dongs di ajarin bahasa inggris.. iam too hard to learn english language.. huhuhu(T_T)

紅燒魚takesi said...


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